Genies Plus - Find Every Branch on Your Family Tree

     Welcome to Genies Plus, where you can be sure to find verifiable connections that  you are  looking  for. Two experienced genealogists that have  been gathering and collating information for over 50 years are ready to share their database, library, and experience to help you find a family connection or untangle a riddle  that has been plaguing your family genealogy for years.  If you take a look at our library you will find hundreds of reference books, family genealogies and vital statistic books that help us find and verify  many obscure connections.  Many of the books are listed for the sole purpose of you seeing what I have on hand that may be of assistance to your research. Some of the books are available for purchase and the prices are shown. If there is no price shown, you can assume this book is simply part of my reference library and is ONE of the tools that I have at my disposal to help you with your research.

Our focus has been two fold but not restricted solely to 1) New England genealogies and 2) Royalty.  Our database contains over 210,000 names that are connected to Mayflower, Revolutionary (as well as every other conflict), Daughters of the American Revolution, Sons of the American Revolution, Famous Masons, and much of Europe's royalty. If you are hunting, we are here to help!

We have helped generate, collate and print several family genealogies for reunions and family histories. Some of these include Wheelock, Labonte, Holmes, Abbott, Coffin, Bushell, Lovell, Eaton and others.

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Rates are commensurate with the amount work involved and agreed upon before work starts. Many simple questions can be answered for free. Write today.