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Interested in Genealogy - Don't Know Where to Start?

Believe it or not this is a very common question with a very simple answer that can help you get started right away. If you are interested in your family tree and want to know more about where your family roots are, then the best place to start is with YOU. Stories, pictures, anecdotes are all nice things to add to your genealogical collection, but to get started what you want are what we call the VITAL STATISTICS. These include the vital dates and places of the major events.


Welcome back to EVERYTHING STAMPS. We are embarking on a new adventure. I am encouraging everyone to write in and tell us all here what dead country you are collecting and working toward completing, or even coming close to completing.. These dead countries can even include countries that have come back to life like Mesopotamia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and so many others. But the dead collection is only applicable starting from the the time when it was alive up to the point it became dead, NOT after it became alive again.

Stamps from around the World!!

     Hello and welcome again to EVERYTHING STAMPS, the site where you can find used stamps, unused stamps, first day covers, plate blocks, mint sheets, and so much more at unbelievable prices.I have not had any comments on the web site lately so I have not made any real changes other than to add hundreds of stamps, with thousands more to come. If you don't see what you are looking for here already, email me and I will look for it specifically in my boxes and albums of duplicates.

Collecting Plate Blocks

Welcome back to EVERYTHING STAMPS. The one place where you can find used stamps, mint stamps, plate blocks, postal history, stamp sheets, zip blocks, mail early block, and much much more. All this for great prices and many of the mint stamps are selling for ONLY face value. But that is not what I wanted to talk to you today about.

An Interesting Idea for Exhibition

     WELCOME back to EVERYTHING STAMPS where you can find used stamps, mint stamps, First Day Covers and so much more including some strange odds and ends that may help you form an exhibition. And that's what we can talk about this week. The idea that entering an exhibition for competition has always been a liitle daunting for me. Putting together enough of a display that is noteworthy enough to enter into competition and then following all the rules and filing the paperwork, then getting to and attending the convention where you are going to "show" your material.

Non-Denominated Postage

Welcome back to Everything Stamp; the place where we could discuss, used stamps, mint stamps or any other format of stamps. Today I picked a relatively small group of stamps called "non-denominated stamps". Sometimes when the post office knows there is going to be rate increase, but they are not sure how much the increase is going to be or there are no stamps printed with the new amount, they will issue (in the United States) a stamps that is lettered representing the new value of the stamp. This first occurred in 1978 with the orange "A" rate stamps.

Postal History

     Mint stamps, used stamps, first day covers, plate blocks, mint sheets, zip blocks, on cover, off cover and the list of stamps goes on and on, but one of the most vibrant areas of stamp collecting today is with postal history. Many of us get all caught up in the where it has been, how did it get there, why did it go there, did it encounter any issues along the way and many other questions. It's a very simple process to begin with and you can even begin with the mail you receive on a daily basis. Something will have a stamp on it.


     Welcome back to Everything Stamps and I have exciting news. We are changing the look of our website and changing all our pricing. What is important is that the stamps we have not changed over to the new format DO have a new LOW price. All the stamps, used stamps, mint stamps, mint never hinged stamps, plate blocks, first day covers, sheets, mail early blocks, copyright blocks. ALL OF THEM are being changed to ridiculously low prices. If you see a stamp that you want and it is not in the new drop down format. Please email me and I can tell you what the new cheap stamp price is.

The Mail Moves in Mysterious Ways

Welcome back to Everything Stamps. I hope you found the stamp of your dreams for your stamp collection while I was away. Today I wanted to show you one of my stamps that I call a "SLOPPY GEM". I love stamp collecting when it involves pieces like this. It's a great story hiding behind a lot of scribbling, crossing out and rewriting. This correspondence whatever it was travelled all over eastern United States looking for a Mr Allanson Reed. If I follow the envelope correctly, it was originally addressed to Mr Allanson Reed, 42 Groveland Ave, Chicago, IL.

Those Nebulous Back of Book Issues

     Welcome back and today let's talk about "back of book" (BOB) stamps that are in our stamp collection.  We all get caught up in our collecting that we sometimes forget that there is a whole world of stamps beyond those commemorative and regular issue stamps. Starting in most albums with Air Mail stamps there is a whole world of Semi-Postal, Revenue, Official, Documentary, Postage Due, Newspaper, Postal Notes, Savings Bond, Easter Seals, beer, wine, narcotic,  embossed envelopes, post cards and a slew of other types of stamps to satisfy your collecting and trading needs.


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