Much has been written about in the past couple of years that has concentrated a lot of the value of a stamp based upon its' centering. There has even begun a percentage standard of grading the centering of stamps and exhorbitant multiples of value have been placed on stamps with precise centering. Some increase, in my mind, is warranted with a stamp that sits on the paper well centered and shows well, and then there are some stamps whose value gets over-inflated due to precise centering. That being said, the stamp market has always tried to push values to the limits of what a customer will bear. Now having commented on centering, nearly the same thing is happening with margins, full margins and jumbo margins. Again, it is nice to see full margins and an oddity to see oversized (or what is called JUMBO) margins, but the amount of increased value is sometimes astronomical to the average price of the stamp. Caveat emptor I suppose. Those two things seem to be a hot button right now, so if you have an inclination to sell any of you stamps, take a look. Those with extra fine centering or extra large margins (used or unused) will command a considerably higher price. - Good luck.

     I have not made up my mind yet. I get mail and some of it has stamps on it and sometimes nice commemoratives that I need in my stamp collection, but clearly as shown with the old covers that have a much increased value over the plain used stamp. Should I leave them on the envelope, save one each, which one should I save first. Should I only put unused stamps in my album and keep on used stamps on cover. Oh boy, doesn't that make your head spin. I invite you to write in and comment on your ideas of how to handle this and does it hold true for commemoratives, back of book stamps, airmail, etc.

     I am redoing some rooms in my house and have discovered that my living room has become more of a stamp denizen for me than a living room for everyone. I guess I am going to have to reorganize and try to limit my space or find somewhere else to work and store my stamps and albums. If you have a similar problem or you have worked out a solution to a similar problem, I sure would like to hear about it. Just comment on this blog. Thanks everyone, that's all for today and I appreciate your helping me make - EVERYTHING STAMPS!