Welcome back to EVERYTHING STAMPS. Last week we discussed perforated and non perforated stamps. This week we will look into a variety of stamps called COIL stamps and BOOKLET stamps. COIL stamps are stamps that are perforated on opposite sides and imperforate on the other two opposite side. Stamps that are perforated on the top and bottom but not left and right are called PERFORATED HORIZONTALLY,

     Those that are perforated left and right and not top and bottom are called PERFORATED VERTICALLY

     These stamps are sometimes collected as singles, in a strip that contains a plate number (next week's discussion) or by the entire coil. Early coil stamps were sometimes perforated by private companies (Shermack is one type of a private perforation company). These coils of stamps were usually used in vending machines.

     Two other terms come to light when we talk about coil stamps. When the sheets of stamps were split up and pasted together to make a roll of stamps, they were either pasted together side to side with perforation on the top and bottom called "ENDWISE" or perforations on the left and right side called "SIDEWISE".

     BOOKLET STAMPS can be imperforate on one, two, or three sides Very rarely but there are some cases where booklet stamps were printed three across and making some of the stamps in the booklet perforated on all four sides.. If they are imperforate on two sides those two sides will not be opposite (as in a coil stamp), they will be adjacent sides.

     The position of a stamp in a booklet will determine how many sides (and which sides) will be imperforate, Some people collect single booklet stamps, a pane of stamps (one full sheet) in a booklet, or the entire booklet including the cover. Booklets that are not opened at all are called "UNEXPLODED" booklets.

     Well that's a lot of new words for today and I hope I did not confuse anyone. Of course if there is a collector out there that sees an error in my comments, please don't hesitate to comment. The world of stamps can be as simplified or in depth as YOU choose. And there is no one expert on ALL types of stamps. For more information on coil stamps you can go to And for more information on booklet stamps you can try out

     Well enough for now, please leave me a comment and let me know what you think or maybe suggest a topic for some week in the future. I hope you enjoy perusing through EVERYTHING STAMPS.