Collecting Plate Blocks

Welcome back to EVERYTHING STAMPS. The one place where you can find used stamps, mint stamps, plate blocks, postal history, stamp sheets, zip blocks, mail early block, and much much more. All this for great prices and many of the mint stamps are selling for ONLY face value. But that is not what I wanted to talk to you today about.

WOW - I just got my new Durland Catalog of Plate Blocks and Plate Block Numbers. What a resource and what a learning experience I have had in the past two weeks. Here I thought I knew about plate block stamps and I find out that not only were there sometimes many different plates used, but the orientation of where the plate number could change. The plate number could be from the upper right of the sheet (UR) or the Lower Left of the sheet (LL). I did not realize that Rotary Press plate blocks were made up of six stamps instead of four. I did know that some more recent plate blocks were made up or eight or ten or even twenty stamps. What a variety and as the saying goes "the more I learn, the more I realize how ignorant I am". There are special plate blocks and listings for those with shiny gum or not shiny gum, tagged or untagged, and the catalog even lists some of the more famous error blocks and folded sheet blocks. It is just amazing to me and now I realize why some people specialize in just plate blocks. It's a whole world of collecting all by itself. If you are interested, you can order the Durland Plate Block Catalog. I got mine from the "Virtual Stamp Club" and the price was very reasonable You can order either a bound copy or a ringed copy that will lie flat on your desk. Check it out, and check out all the possibilities for plate blocks that you can find, and remember that this is what makes EVERYTHING STAMPS.