Welcome back to EVERYTHING STAMPS. We are embarking on a new adventure. I am encouraging everyone to write in and tell us all here what dead country you are collecting and working toward completing, or even coming close to completing.. These dead countries can even include countries that have come back to life like Mesopotamia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and so many others. But the dead collection is only applicable starting from the the time when it was alive up to the point it became dead, NOT after it became alive again. Many people enjoy these finite collections and some of them can become quite expensive to collect. Michael Baadke of Linn's Stamps wrote a great article about Dead Countries. You can read it here

     So here is the second part, the GREAT DEAD COUNTRY POSTAGE STAMP SWAP-A-THON. Let us all know what you are missing and how we call all possibly help you complete your dead country collection. You could also let us know if you have a partial set of dead country stamps that you were willing to sell and put  that information in one of the replies to this story.

     That's it, plain and simple. We all need each other to help us flesh out our collections and here one way to do it through the swapping of our duplicates or sale of our specialty items. Jump right in, let us know what you are collecting and what you need, but most of all remember you can find great used stamps, mint stamps, first day covers, plate blocks and so much more right here at EVERYTHING STAMPS. Let's go have some fun!!!