An Interesting Idea for Exhibition

     WELCOME back to EVERYTHING STAMPS where you can find used stamps, mint stamps, First Day Covers and so much more including some strange odds and ends that may help you form an exhibition. And that's what we can talk about this week. The idea that entering an exhibition for competition has always been a liitle daunting for me. Putting together enough of a display that is noteworthy enough to enter into competition and then following all the rules and filing the paperwork, then getting to and attending the convention where you are going to "show" your material. Clubs like the VIRTUAL STAMP CLUB and AMERICAN PHILATELIC SOCIETY and others have people that can help you get started with an exhibition as well as telling you where the best place for you to exhibit your work might be.

     The different exhibits that I have seen are wonderful, full of intriguing information and stamps as well as stamp related ephemera, and I still have not gotten over the fear of taking on that large time consuming task, BUT I did have what I thought was a good idea for an exhibition. Some time after the Civil War many GAR (grand army of the republic) and CSV (confederate states veterans) organizations cropped up and even later came the popular Sons of Veterans Auxiliaries. These organizations posted many letters about suppers, meetings, encampments and well wishes to elderly veterans. Many of the organizations had very beautufil and intricate emblems. A couple of examples can be seen below.

The first shows an Auxiliary to tht Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War tied with a Scott #543 and a very nice double oval CAMB (Cambridge, MA) and the second is a Major Emmons F Fletcher W.R.C. GAR Post 72.tied with an attractive Scott #554 and common CDS with six wavy lines cancel dated 8 Jan 1926. Now although the Auxiliary emblem is the same for each chapter, you can still collect from the different chapter towns . See that the Auxiliary emblem at the top is from Cambridge, MA the one below is from Charlestown, MA.

So, different military organizations, maybe from only one conflict or multiple conflcts i.e. GAR posts (Civil War) and VFW posts (multiple conflcts). No matter which way you do it, you can certainly create a very interesting and historical display with envelopes or post cards of this type. There are hundreds of different specimens to choose from and you could even branch out of the US and find some foreign examples. I would love for someone to write back with an envelope from the French Foreign Legion. What fun that would be and that would make EVERYTHING STAMPS!!