The Mail Moves in Mysterious Ways

Welcome back to Everything Stamps. I hope you found the stamp of your dreams for your stamp collection while I was away. Today I wanted to show you one of my stamps that I call a "SLOPPY GEM". I love stamp collecting when it involves pieces like this. It's a great story hiding behind a lot of scribbling, crossing out and rewriting. This correspondence whatever it was travelled all over eastern United States looking for a Mr Allanson Reed. If I follow the envelope correctly, it was originally addressed to Mr Allanson Reed, 42 Groveland Ave, Chicago, IL. From there to 90 Victor H Roberts, Hebron, NY and lastly to (Rev. D Halloren) General Delivery, Wellesley Hills, MA. The postmarks that I have been able to read and put in date order are starting in Boston, MA 9/20/1901, Chicago, Il 9/21/1901, Chicago, IL 9/22/1901, Albion NY 9/23/1901 and back to Boston, MA 9/25/1901 1 am and Boston, MA 9/25/1901 8 am, finally Wellesley Hills 9/25/1901 1 pm. What an amazing trip! In today's day and age could we expect a letter to travel around the United States like that, and probably still end up where it was supposed to go? I love to try and follow these old gems and enjoy them even more when there is a great stamp on the cover like this. The Jamaica Plain postmark is also of interest. It comes from an cancellation machine made by American Postal Machine Co., model B38. It was used from about 1899-1920. I hope you enjoyed this little piece of postal history as much as I do. If you like what you see and would like to see more pieces of postal history just send me a reply with what you might like to showcase here on the blog. Until then, remember you can make EVERYTHING STAMPS!