Welcome back to Everything Stamps and I have exciting news. We are changing the look of our website and changing all our pricing. What is important is that the stamps we have not changed over to the new format DO have a new LOW price. All the stamps, used stamps, mint stamps, mint never hinged stamps, plate blocks, first day covers, sheets, mail early blocks, copyright blocks. ALL OF THEM are being changed to ridiculously low prices. If you see a stamp that you want and it is not in the new drop down format. Please email me and I can tell you what the new cheap stamp price is.

      Reading the new format may take you a moment but here is how it works. There is a price on the stamp. When you hit the drop down box, one of the items will NOT have any change to it such as +.03 or -.02 ; That means that the price shown is the price for that stamp. The adjustments of +.01 or -.03 are for other formats for example you may see "mint hinged +.01". That means you have to add 1 cent to the base price of the stamp shown in the picture for a mint hinged copy. You can also just email me and I will provide pricing.

     I am also trying to determine how many people are actually reading this blog, so here is this week's blog special. The first person to respond to the blog will receive 10 US used stamps FREE. Just respond to the blog and email me your address. I will let everyone know when we have a winner.

     Here's hoping you all have a happy holiday with friends and family and remember EVERYTHING STAMPS.