Non-Denominated Postage

Welcome back to Everything Stamp; the place where we could discuss, used stamps, mint stamps or any other format of stamps. Today I picked a relatively small group of stamps called "non-denominated stamps". Sometimes when the post office knows there is going to be rate increase, but they are not sure how much the increase is going to be or there are no stamps printed with the new amount, they will issue (in the United States) a stamps that is lettered representing the new value of the stamp. This first occurred in 1978 with the orange "A" rate stamps. The cost of postage was going from 13 to 15 cents and so the post office issued a stamp showing the "post office eagle" and the letter A. Again in 1981 when postage was going from 15 to 18 cents, the post office used the same eagle with a violet "B" rate. See the envelope with the B rate here (Scott U592).

So we have had non-denominated rates all the way up to the letter H, which by the way had a very interesting story all by itself. Check out the story behind the famous "Yellow Hat non-denominated H rate". As far as I know the United States is the only country the has created lettered non-denominated rates, but if you know of another country of have an example of the other U.S. non-denominated stamps, please share them with me and the rest of our readers. Sharing the wealth of stamp pictures and information is what makes EVERYTHING STAMPS.