Societies, Associations & Clubs

     So if there are thousands of stamp collectors, and people have varying stamp collections, where are all these people and all these organizations they have formed?

     If you want to join a stamp collecting organization or stamp club, you can certainly go on the web and Google plenty of club, organizations, societies, etc. HOWEVER, I would suggest that you make your life very easy and simply check with . That will connect you with the AMERICAN PHILATELIC SOCIETY. They can help you find many local, national or international clubs and how to contact them. I would even suggest that you join the APS as membership shows others that you are in good standing with a reputable Society. As an added bonus you will receive a monthly magazine that is full of news AND information about other clubs and societies.

    Joining a computer stamp forum like STAMP COMMUNITY FORUM or the VIRTUAL STAMP CLUB also gets you in touch with other organizations and by belonging to the FORUM you may even be able to enjoy the benefits of one or more of the other clubs or societies. Even stamps dealers have their own groups. One of them is the American Stamp Dealers Association . If you deal with these people for stamps you can expect a respectable level of fair play, and if not reporting them to the ASDA does help.

     Short topic this week but there a untold groups out there for you to look for. You can even start your own stamp club or become a local chapter of one of the larger national stamp organizations. So collect those First Day Covers, First Flight Covers, Perfins, Precancels, Triangle, Circular, Hexagonal, Foreign Stamp Designer, purple and green stamps. But remember to make sure it stays fun, relaxing and what you want because that's what makes EVERYTHING STAMPS.