Stamps from around the World!!

     Hello and welcome again to EVERYTHING STAMPS, the site where you can find used stamps, unused stamps, first day covers, plate blocks, mint sheets, and so much more at unbelievable prices.I have not had any comments on the web site lately so I have not made any real changes other than to add hundreds of stamps, with thousands more to come. If you don't see what you are looking for here already, email me and I will look for it specifically in my boxes and albums of duplicates.

     Today I wanted to take you to a few places around the world. I won't be talking much about stamps here today but I will be giving you some websites where you can view national collections and see some of the stamps that we all can only dream about having in our collection. NOW if you don't see a country here that you are looking for, PLEASE see if you can find it on the web and send me an email and I will add it to the list here for someone else to enjoy. I will also try to add more countries on my own from time to time. Please visit these sites and enjoy, remembering EVERYTHING STAMPS.

United States:

Great Britain:

Canada (Canada is going through transition but you can find lots of interesting material here)

Wikilinks to many countries and associtaions: and also



There are many more. Please send your favorite and I will add it here and have a real look around the world of EVERYTHING STAMPS!!