Those Nebulous Back of Book Issues

     Welcome back and today let's talk about "back of book" (BOB) stamps that are in our stamp collection.  We all get caught up in our collecting that we sometimes forget that there is a whole world of stamps beyond those commemorative and regular issue stamps. Starting in most albums with Air Mail stamps there is a whole world of Semi-Postal, Revenue, Official, Documentary, Postage Due, Newspaper, Postal Notes, Savings Bond, Easter Seals, beer, wine, narcotic,  embossed envelopes, post cards and a slew of other types of stamps to satisfy your collecting and trading needs. These stamps are often a little more difficult to find available but are often more affordable when it comes to getting a complete set. However, some of the BOB stamp rarities can command some pretty amazing prices. Don't be afraid to look over that "BOB" advertisement in you stamp magazine and you just might find one section that you could easily complete. I found the Postal Note stamps a fairly easy and affordable group of stamps to complete. Many times you can find someone collecting commemoratives and offering BOB stamps in trade. So go to the back section of your stamp catalog and see all the different types that you can collect. In my experience with stamp collecting all types of stamps are fun and fair game.

     The Smithsonian in the past couple of years released thousands of unused revenue stamps creating quite the stir. Some collectors were afraid that the new unused stamp released would ruin the market for revenue stamps and I am sure in some cases the market value of the stamps did decrease, but I believe the overall effect just brought more attention to the BOB issues and gave them a good dose of popularity.

     The "battleship" documentary stamps seem to always be terribly beat up used stamps. I have threatened myself to start a collection of these stamps, but I will be looking for the most beat up and mutilated stamps for this series. I already have some very serious contenders.

     If you would like to see a GREAT group of revenue stamps check out this site.

Thanks for joining me again today and helping me make EVERYTHING STAMPS.